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Because Gypsy Bar is dedicated to serving you fresh Margaritas, seasonality will impact our daily selection.
45 AGAVE SUAVE El Tesoro Paradiso mixed with Grand Marnier 100yr and fresh house sour - worth every penny
10 CABO WABORITA Cabo Wabo Silver, Cointreau, fresh house sour and a touch of Blue Curaçao. Rock star performance not guaranteed
9 COURGARITA ESPOLÓN SILVER and Cointreau mixed with fresh house sour
10 FORBIDDEN FRUIT ESPOLÓN SILVER muddled with whatever fruit looks good today, then shaken with Grand Marnier and fresh house sour
10 JALAPEÑO jalapeno infused ESPOLÓN SILVER shaken with Cointreau, fresh house sour and a dash of agave nectar. Shamelessly spicy!
12 MAUI WAUI Maestro dobel muddled with fresh pineapple pieces, Cointreau, fresh house sour, and finished with Red Bull
11 POMEGRANATE Our signature cocktail with AVIÓN REPOSADO, Grand Marnier, fresh house sour and pomegranate juice
11 PRICKLY PEAR Jose Cuervo Tradicional, Grand Marnier, fresh house sour and prickly pear shaken, then served up with a sugared rim
300 ROYAL Our ultimate top shelf margarita with CLASE AZUL ULTRA AÑEJO, fresh house sour, a squeeze of agave nectar, and a float of Grand Marnier 100yr


12 BERRY THE BULLEIT Bulleit bourbon and blackberry brandy shaken with fresh oranges and blackberries, topped with ginger ale
10 BLUE CRUSH Blueberry vodka, Pama liqueur, topped with Sprite and a fresh lemon
12 CÎROC FRENCH MARTINI Ciroc Vodka, Raspberry liqueur, and pineapple juice served up
10 SPRING WATER Muddled lemons and citron vodka, mixed with Sprite and club soda
12 WHITE CHERRY SODA Three Olives Cherry, squeezed lemons, Cointreau, topped off with Sprite


12 DOUBLE O DON JULIO Don Julio Reposado mixed with Sprite and orange juice
10 GYPSY MOJITO Cruzan Gold Rum muddled with fresh mint and fresh signature sour then filled with bubbles
9 GYPSY SANGRIA Red wine mixed with fresh signature sour, peach schnapps, cointreau and fresh orange juice
12 HOT-N-DIRTY-TINI Espolon Silver, olive juice and a touch of hot sauce
10 MEXICAN MOJITO House pineapple infused Espolon Silver, muddled mint and fresh signature sour topped with Sprite
10 PINEAPPLE COCONUT MOJITO Malibu Rum muddled with fresh pineapple and mint, then topped with Club Soda
11 POMEGRANATE MOJITO Cruzan Gold Rum and pomegranate juice muddled with mint and fresh signature sour then topped with Sprite
10 STRAWBERRY VANILLA MOJITO Cruzan Vanilla Rum muddled with fresh strawberries, lime and mint, then topped with Sprite and a splash of fresh signature sour
9 WHITE SANGRIA We use Riesling, fresh orange juice, peach schnapps, fresh house sour and apple pucker




Bottled within two months of distillation, these tequilas are stored in stainless steel barrels, allowing the flavor of the agave to shine. Great in margaritas, Blancos have strong flavors of pepper, flowers, sprices, citrus and herbs.
9 1800 green pepper, sea salt, orange zest
10 1800 COCONUT strong agave nose, smooth medium bodied, sweet coconut finish
11 AVION tree fruits, sharming vanilla charcoal, slightly sweet then drying citrus
10 CABO WABO floral, strong agave, hint of sweetness
10 CASA NOBILE spicy, heavy pepper, sweet, floral nose
11 CASAMIGOS simple, mint and cinnamon flavors, remarkably short finish
9 CAZADORES sweet nose, mellow finish
16 CLASE AZUL nutty, bit of spice, extremely long and sweet syrupy finish
9 CORRALEJO strong citrus nose, licorice undertones
12 CORZO roasted yellow peppers, dried tropical fruits, grilled pineapple and spice
10 DELEON citrus, lightly sweet, roasted agave, black peppers, dry acidic finish
10 DON EDUARDO heavy, citrus, hints of sea salt
11 DON JULIO spicy, strong hints of sea salt, white peppers
10 EL TESORO mellow, sweet nose, clean finish
9 ESPOLON agave, spice, earthy, intense
10 GRAN CENTENARIO peppery nose, herbs, sea salt, licorice
40 GRAN PATRON PLATINUM citrus with green peppers and citrus undertones
10 HERRADURA agave nose, white peppers, sea salt
9 JOSE CUERVO SILVER clean, crisp, with hints of agave notes
15 JOSE CUERVO PLATINO hints of vanilla and oak, peppery, smooth finish
10 MAESTRO DOBEL sweet yet earthy, bold oak and butterscotch, honey and spicy snap
9 MILAGRO SILVER spicy, hint of citrus, tons of peppers
9 ORO AZUL citrus nose, sea salt, floral undertones
11 PARTIDA agave nose, earthy finish
11 PATRON black pepper nose, orange zest
17 ROCA PATRON fresh and cooked agave, slightly earthy, slight pepper
10 TALERO ORGANIC 100% organic, soft light spice, aroma of water pepper and citrus
11 TRES GENERACIONES floral, strong agave, hint of sweetness


A Reposado spends between 2 and 12 months in Barriques (oak barrels). This slight aging mellows some of the agave flavors, while the time spent in oak gives the tequila a smooth finish.
10 1800 strong agave with a salty finish
12 AVION roasted agave, cherry, pear, peach, flower hues and tinges of herbs
11 CABO WABO agave, dill, oak, peppers
12 CASA NOBILE mellow with smoke, agave, citrus
12 CASAMIGOS mint and cinnamon, heavy dose of caramel, rougher finish
10 CAZADORES intense pepper flavors
20 CLASE AZUL vanilla, slight pepper and toffee, sweet finish
10 CORRALEJO mellow, smoke, pepper
15 DELEON oak, roasted agave, cinnamon, caramel, great mix of sweet and spicy
12 DON JULIO very mellow with slight smoke, vanilla, caramel, dried fruit
11 EL TESORO sweet with peppers, agave, vanilla, spice
10 ESPOLON aged in franch oak
11 GRAN CENTENARIO from the cuervo family, lots of vanilla
11 HERRADURA sweet with oak, pepper, flowers
9 JOSE CUERVO TRADICIONAL brown spices, apple, citrus, vanilla
14 MAESTRO DOBEL bold oak, vanilla, butterscotch
10 ORO AZUL intense agave with sweet caramel finish
12 PARTIDA sweet nose, sea salt undertones
12 PATRON citrus nose, pepper, sea salt
75 PATRON GRAN BURDEOS american mountain oak, blended with regions of france
18 ROCA PATRON cooked agave, pepper spice, chocolate and caramel


Aged in oak for a period of at least one year, though many are older, Anejos are easily recognized by their dark color and strong notes of vanilla, smoke and oak. These tequilas are exceptionally smooth and are best when served straight.
10 1800 very complex with lots of vanilla
48 1800 MILENIO oak, spiced cake, pepper kick, dry spice finish
13 AVION hints of vanilla, caramel, coconut, maple, intense agave, delicate rosemary
44 AVION 44 EXTRA ANEJO sweet caramel, cooked agave, black & green pepper spice, slightly dry yet flavorful
9 AVION ESPRESSO rich, dark italian espresso, roasted agave, white pepper, dark chocolate
12 CABO WABO smoke, orange, caramel
13 CASAMIGOS light sweet roasted agave, toffee, salt, white pepper, clean fish
14 CASA NOBILE sweet agave, citrus herbs and spices, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, oak finish
12 CAZADORES citrus nose, light vanilla, orange
69 CLASE AZUL ANEJO vanilla and oak, slightly sweet, short finish with some spice
275 CLASE AZUL ULTRA ANEJO aged 5 years, mix of caramel sweetness and spice, long finish, whiskey like
14 CORRALEJO light caramel nose, mild with hints of oak, slight citrus finish
14 CORZO a little honey, a little barrel
13 DON JULIO slight citrus, rich caramel, vanilla, butterscotch, honey finish
24 DON JULIO 1942 vanilla nose, citrus, oak
60 DON JULIO REAL 36 months in white oak brings subtle caramel chocolate, coffee, smoke
12 EL TESORO intense agave, earth, smoke, caramel
25 EL TESORO PARADISO caramel nose, strong citrus fruits very mild finish
11 ESPOLON wood, red pepper, butterscotch, agave, complex
20 ESPOLON X vanilla, nutmeg, cocoa, cherry tobacco, honey
12 GRAN CENTENARIO strong vanilla with orange, slight smoke, pepper finish
12 HERRADURA sweet with oak, pepper, flowers, vanilla
49 HERRADURA SELECCION SUPREMA rich caramel nose, rich vanilla, caramel body
30 JOSE CUERVO RESERVA DE LA FAMILIA lots of oak with some spice
15 MAESTRO DOBEL citrus, agave, oakness, zero bite
10 MILAGRO sweet spice, smoke, pepper
20 MILAGRO BARREL SELECT RESERVE caramel nose, mellow with strong oak flavors
11 ORO AZUL caramel, jalapeno, pepper, orange undertones
14 PARTIDA sweet caramel nose, sea salt, oak finish oak flavors
13 PATRON oak nose, bourbon-like body with vanilla and caramel
19 ROCA PATRON oak dominant, touch of cinnamon and vanilla, fresh and roasted agave
12 SAUZA TRES GENERACIONES pepper, oak, butterscotch


Made from the heart of the agave plant, called the pina. It's cooked in underground earth pits, giving it that smoky flavor.
13 ILEGAL JOVEN smooth, zest, lemon tang, citrus
15 ILEGAL REPOSADO butterscotch, sweet, savory smoke
10 KIMO SABE JOVEN chipotle, roasted pepper, semi-sweet chocolate, lemon balm and citrus, sweet peppery agave finish
12 KIMO SABE RESPOSADO madagascar vanilla, roasted almond, smoked chipotle, toasted coconut, christmas spice finish
14 VICIO JOVEN complex, soft layers of agave, fruit and subtle notes of nuts and vanilla


Three, one ounce snifters of premium tequilas for you to compare and enjoy. Whether flying one-way or roundtrip, you're guaranteed to remember your first flight to Mexico on Gypsy Air.
20 LOWLANDS FLIGHT herradura silver, reposado & anejo
20 HIGHLANDS FLIGHT avion silver, reposado & anejo
35 ROUND TRIP take a roundtrip and enjoy both flights